With automaton app support moving out of beta and changing into a regular a part of Chrome OS this year, Chrome book 2-in-1s have become extraordinarily vital. The 12.5-inch convertible Asus Chrome book Flip C302CA is prepared to run automaton apps or dozens of Chrome tabs, with robust performance and a way of fashion. This $499 bend-back 2-in-1 ($449 to start) sports an aesthetic Al chassis, bright full-HD show and a solid Core M3 hardware for multitasking. If you are willing to pay the money for a premium Chrome book, the Flip C302CA is your most suitable option.


The Al Chrome book Flip C302CA appearance and seems like a Mac Book, therefore it’d fool anyone United Nations agency does not see the massive Asus logos on the 2-in-1’s lid and edge. The Chrome book’s 360-degree hinge feels stable and makes it simple to transition the bend-back convertible among portable computer, stand, pill and tent modes.


Weighing 2.6 pounds and mensuration zero.6 inches thick, the Flip is lighter than the Acer Chrome book R thirteen (3.2 pounds, 0.6 inches), the dingle Chrome book thirteen (3.2 pounds, 0.7 inches) and therefore the Lenovo Think Pad thirteen Chrome book (3.2 pounds, 0.8 inches).

The Flip charges and connects to peripherals via either of its 2 USB Type-C ports, that sit on the left and right sides. Asus placed the notebook’s earpiece jack, volume and power buttons on the machine’s left aspect and a micro SD reader on the proper.

The lack of Type-A USB three.0 ports signals that Asus is wanting firmly toward the long run, however meaning you higher get adapters if you would like to connect older devices. every of the competitors Chrome books options a USB three.0 port.


The Flip’s twelve.5-inch, 1920 x 1080-pixel panel provides crisp pictures, solid brightness and tight color. after I watched a trailer for “The Fate of The Furious,” I noted robust red and blue police sirens, a vivacious inexperienced beacon fire, and a heat orange hearth engulfing exploding cars. The show conjointly showed off fine details like tiny beads of sweat on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s head and therefore the glimmer of the scintillating brake-pedal of Vin Diesel’s muscle automobile.


According to our measuring device, the Flip reproduces seventy six % of the sRGB spectrum, a mark that is higher than the numbers from the Acer Chrome book R thirteen (64 percent) and therefore the Think Pad thirteen Chrome book (63 percent). The dingle Chrome-book thirteen (96 percent) and therefore the average ultra portable (98 percent) render a lot of colors.

The Flip delivers comparatively correct color, with a score of one.6 on the Delta-E take a look at (lower is better), that tiptop the ultra portable average (2.2). However, the Acer Chrome book R thirteen (1.1), dingle Chrome book thirteen (1.4) and Think Pad thirteen Chrome book (1.1) did slightly higher.

This convertible’s panel emits up to 292 nits (a live of brightness), that is slightly below the typical for ultra-portables (303 nits). The Acer Chrome book R thirteen (254 nits), the holler Chrome book thirteen (270 nits) and also the Think Pad thirteen Chrome book (257 nits) ar all variable resistor. This brightness permits for a large vary of viewing angles, as I may clearly see the screen’s pictures at seventy five degrees to the left or right.

Keyboard, bit Screen, Touch pad

The Flip’s island-style, full-size, back-lit keyboard offers a wonderful typewriting expertise. On the 10fastfingers.com typewriting check, I clicked my thanks to seventy seven words per minute, that is on the point of my average (80 wpm). The laptop’s keys perform thus well as a result of they supply one.6 millimeters of travel, among the vary of what we tend to like (1.5-2mm). we tend to do would like the keys needed over forty nine grams of force to actuate, as a result of amounts nearer to sixty grams create a far better click.


The Asus Convertible’s bit screen tracked  my input accurately as I stirred windows round the desktop and contend some 2048. The show additionally supports back and forward swiping for navigating the net in Chrome.

The Flip’s four.1 x 2.3-inch, button less touch pad permits precise navigation and provides a solid feel to every click. It additionally supports swish two-finger page scrolling and three-finger tab navigation.


The Chrome book Flip’s speakers blast enough volume to fill a medium-size room with a sweet version of Migos’ “T-Shirt.” The track’s bass plumbed durable, its vocals came through clearly and drum cymbals hit sharply.


Our review configuration of the Flip packs associate degree Intel Core m3-6Y30 CPU and 4GB of RAM, a mixture that allows lots of multitasking. I saw no lag once I split my screen among fifteen Chrome tabs (including ones for Slack, Gmail and TweetDeck) and a 1080p YouTube video.

The $499 Chrome book Flip earned  a score of 127 on the Jet Stream benchmark for JavaScript performance. that is higher than the $399 Media Tek MT8173C-powered Acer Chrome book R thirteen (59) and also the $430 Intel Celeron powered holler Chrome book thirteen (86). however it’s not up to the $704 Core i5-powered Think Pad thirteen Chrome book (171) and also the average ultra portable (161).

The Flip performed OK on the WebGL vivarium graphics check, rendering a pair of,000 fish at a rate of fifty Federal Protective Service. That beats the Acer Chrome book R thirteen (20-40 fps) and also the holler Chrome book thirteen (48 mps), however the Think Pad thirteen Chrome book (60 fps) ran the animation a lot of swimmingly. we should always note that this benchmark created the Flip emit a small whirring noise, one thing we do not usually see.

Battery Life

The Chrome book Flip lasted eight hours and fifty two minutes on the portable computer magazine Battery check. That showing beats the ultra portable average (8:03) and puts the Flip on the point of the Think Pad thirteen Chrome book (9:08). However, the Flip’s time falls wanting those set by the Acer Chrome book R thirteen (11:00) and also the holler Chrome book thirteen (13:25).

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The Flip’s zero.9-megapixel digital camera shoots gritty pictures with mixed color replica. after I tested the camera in our well-lit workplace, it captured the blue of my shirt however left our red wall trying orange.


This thin-and-light Chrome book stays cool harassed. once I streamed quarter-hour of HD video on the notebook, our heat gun found acceptable temperatures, below our 95-degree physicist comfort threshold. The touch pad measured eighty one degrees F, whereas the middle of the keyboard and bottom hit eighty five and eighty seven degrees, severally.


The Flip C302CA runs Chrome OS, Google’s light-weight different to Windows, that presently depends on the Chrome internet Store for apps. The notebook can gain automaton app emulation later this year, and also the 2-in-1 are ready to build the foremost of these apps, with its bit screen and bend-back style.

Configuration choices

Our $499 review unit of the Flip C302CA includes a zero.9-GHz Intel Core m3-6y30 CPU, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage. For $449, you’ll get the notebook with a Pentium processor and 32GB of storage, tho’ you would possibly lose a number of the multitasking-enabling performance found within the Core M3 model.

Bottom Line

There’s a ton to love concerning the Chrome book Flip C302CA, together with its elegant metal style, sharp screen, solid battery life, sturdy performance and bend-back style. once the Google Play Store finally rolls intent on Chrome OS in earnest, the Flip are even a lot of compelling than it’s nowadays.

You can save $100 and still have access to automaton apps with the Acer Chrome book R thirteen, tho’ that notebook lags behind in speed. The Lenovo Think Pad thirteen Chrome book with Core i5 is way quicker, however it prices a lot of, and its non touch screen suggests that this machine will not be as well-suited to automaton apps. However, if you wish a strong Chrome book 2-in-1 that is prepared for automaton apps, the Flip C302CA ought to be at the highest of your list.


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