Dell: 2018 Brand complete information

Taking third place for the second year in an exceedingly row, holler makes a number of the most effective laptops cash should purchase, whereas providing the highest support of any computer vender (tied with Samsung). The spherical Rock, Texas-based company additionally got high scores for innovation and for its intensive selection; holler makes each form of portable computer you’ll be able to imagine.

Though the XPS, Alien ware and preciseness lines gather well against equally priced competitors, the company’s thought client and business laptops square measure involved in mediocrity. If holler may take a number of the DNA from its XPS thirteen and sprinkle it onto the Inspirations and Latitudes, the corporate would end higher.


Dell’s Key Strengths

  • Great premium laptops: The company’s XPS line remains the leader in client and presume notebooks, because of its innovative options, attractive styles, long battery life and good screens.
  • King of gaming: Dell’s Alien ware line leads the pack relating to performance, options and price. Its Inspiration fifteen 7000 diversion may be a nice price, and its approaching G-line additionally appearance spectacular.
  • Personalized support: If you decision holler for facilitate, you will get your own, dedicated support school. throughout our tech-support face-off, agents gave U.S. their direct email addresses for follow-up queries.

Dell’s Main Weaknesses

  • Uninspiring Inspirations: The company’s thought client laptops simply do not gather to the competition. The Inspirations square measure sometimes reasonable, however they suffer from bland style and mediocre screens and keyboards.
  • Lackluster Latitudes: whereas not as problematic as its Inspiration line, the company’s Latitude business laptops simply are not as engaging or innovative as its competitors’. However, if your company is married to holler, you’ll be able to realize some good systems. The company’s preciseness workstations, notably the preciseness 5520, square measure spectacular.



Dell’s portable computer lineup may be a tale of 2 companies: It makes a number of the most effective premium, diversion and workstations on the market, however its thought client and business laptops square measure uninspired. The holler XPS thirteen is our favorite client portable computer overall and has been for the past many years, whereas the Alien ware seventeen and Alien ware fifteen dominate the diversion house. On the opposite facet of the spectrum, there square measure laptops just like the Inspiration fifteen 5000 diversion, that suffers from a boring screen, weak battery life and a stiff keyboard.

The average XPS, Alien ware or preciseness portable computer scored three.9 out of five stars last year, whereas the typical Inspiration scored three. the everyday Latitude fared higher, scoring 3.7. A distressful 5 out of thirty eight (or thirteen percent) of holler laptops scored beneath three stars.


It’s Dell’s XPS line that continues to push the envelope, notably the XPS thirteen 9370, with its white-and-gold chassis and virtually nonexistent bezels. made of aluminum and woven  crystalline silicon oxide fiber, it’s pretty and stain-resistant.


The Inspiration line isn’t as ennobling. except for the Inspiration fifteen 7000 diversion, the road is pretty boring with its silver Mac Book-clone-like style, that is not ugly, however it does not stand go into a crowd, either. And whereas the Latitude line is incorporating the Infinity Edge show into some of its laptops, it’s still a rather meh presentation.

Although we have a tendency to love the customization lighting zones on Dell’s Alien ware diversion laptops, the style language is obtaining recent and will use associate degree update.

Support and guarantee

Dell will everything it will to form positive your system has been fastened, providing solid phone support, wonderful social-media helpers and customized, dedicated support agents World Health Organization provide you with their direct email addresses for follow-up queries. throughout our school Support face-off, we have a tendency to were ne’er placed on hold for one moment once addressing holler, that is over we will say for anyone else.

Not solely are you able to upgrade your memory and/or storage while not excreting your guarantee, however if you wish holler to repair your product, it covers shipping to and from its premises. Also, the corporate offers 2 versions of its extended warranties: with and while not accidental-damage coverage.


Dell has been on associate degree innovation tear in its high-end machines. the corporate created its flagship portable computer, the XPS 13, diluent and lighter with the utilization of recent thermal technologies, and added  package that permits you to build calls and texts and, on humanoid phones, management your entire telephone set from your desktop. additionally, it simply free the holler XPS fifteen 2-in-1, its 1st XPS convertible of that size, exploitation Kaby Lake G.

On the Alien ware front, the corporate is adding a brand new center with simple overclocking and settings on a per-game basis. however holler is not innovating the maximum amount on its lower-level Inspiration laptops and business-focused Latitudes. On those laptops, we’re still seeing identical bland styles, middling performance and lackluster screens that square measure nothing to write down home regarding.

Value and choice

A ton of Dells came through our research laboratory in 2017, showcasing the company’s big selection of laptops that concentrate on each market section, from youngsters to gamer to business users. there have been low-end Inspirations between $200 and $800, together with some, just like the Inspiration thirteen 5000 2-in-1, that flip back to tablets. If you do not would like Windows, holler offers some Chrome books, just like the Chrome book 3189. those that wish the most effective of the most effective will choose associate degree XPS thirteen or XPS fifteen, with top-of-the-line specs and bezel-free displays.

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In business, there is a big selection of Latitudes, and you’ll be able to put together them with a variety of options. inventive professionals lean toward the preciseness line, with high-end workstations just like the preciseness 7720, that has Nvidia Quadro graphics and a Xeon mainframe.

Dell is additionally a pacesetter in diversion. the corporate owns Alien ware, that makes a number of the most effective premium diversion rigs cash should purchase. the corporate additionally offers more cost-effective choices, like the sub-$1,000 Inspiration fifteen 7000 diversion. In 2018, the Inspiration diversion line can lose the “Inspiration” appellation and be renamed the holler G series.


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