What is the Fitbit Ace?

The Fitbit Ace is Fitbit’s initial fitness wearable for teenagers, geared toward kids aged eight years and up. It isn’t that children don’t use Fitbits – they’re seen as vital by several teens and pre-teens – except for child-safety and privacy reasons, youngsters beneath thirteen aren’t meant to use the bands or the related to app. The Fitbit Ace is different; it’s designed specifically for younger users, operating in conjunction with a replacement Family Account feature within the Fitbit app.

Physically, we’re observing a tool that’s just like the prevailing Fitbit Alta, however with a smaller band that may match wrists between 125mm and 161mm in circumference. this could cowl most youngsters within the 8-13 age vary, however those with larger 12-year-olds may wish to place confidence in the Fitbit Alta (which can work with same software system and family features).

Even our check subject – my 12-year-old girl – is simply a handful of buckle-holes off from being too massive for the Ace. curiously, you’ll be able to replace Associate in Nursing Ace band with one created for the Alta, therefore you don’t essentially ought to dump the Ace and upgrade once your kid grows.

Fitbit Ace – style and setup

If you’ve ever seen Associate in Nursing Alta then you’ve just about seen the Ace. It’s a light-weight and discreet fitness band with a stainless-steel body and matching clasp, hooked up to a versatile material wristband.

It’s showerproof and super-light at simply 15g, to not mention snug. Our tester is pretty sensitive to watches, bracelets and bangles, however she’s been happy to wear the Ace all day, every day. Fitbit is aware of what it’s doing with the bioengineering and also the general feel.

The Ace comes in 2 colors, a blue and a purple, neither of that is especially exciting – though older children square measure probably to understand the shortage of telltale signs that this isn’t a typical Fitbit band. whereas younger youngsters may like one thing additional flower or with licenced characters everywhere it, the likeness to a grown-up Fitbit may be a smart factor for the pre-teen crowd.

The main feature is that the tappable 128 x 36-pixel resolution OLED show, that shows anybody of ten ready-made watch faces and any messages and updates the Ace puts out. It’s compact and easy in look, however conjointly terribly straightforward to scan – even in bright daylight. you’ll be able to switch between the assorted views simply by sound firmly on the screen; this takes a bit obtaining accustomed if your children square measure additional accustomed swiping.

The watch faces square measure additional practical than exciting – there’s solely such a lot you’ll be able to do with a few of characters – and that i suspect several can opt for the foremost basic choice with the time and range of steps. One factor children love, however, is that the fireworks show they’ll see onscreen on touching their steps or minutes goal. Hell, i buy excited once it happens on the Fitbit Charge two I’ve been sporting.

The screen isn’t the sole means that by that the Ace provides feedback and messages. like Fitbit’s adult models, there’s a intrinsical vibration motor accustomed offer your offspring a nudge once they’ve hit a milestone, or to urge them to urge up and do one thing.

In addition, you’ll be able to use this for silent alarms to wake them up or – World Health Organization knows? – prompt them that you’re waiting downstairs and would really like them to do YouTube at intervals succeeding 10 minutes and are available down in order that you may truly get out for the day.

Setting up the Ace and your child’s account may be a very little totally different from alternative Fitbits. As a parent or guardian, you’ll ought to install the app on your own device, discovered Associate in Nursing account (if you don’t have already got one) then produce a Fitbit Family Account for your kid.

Thereafter, you’ll be able to switch between the Parent’s read and Kid’s read on the app or install the Fitbit app on their device (if they need one) and switch it to the Kid’s one there. We’ll get into additional detail on what this suggests for the complete expertise below.

Fitbit Ace – Activity chase

Like the Alta, the Ace uses a three-axis measuring instrument to trace steps and alternative activities. As you may expect, there’s no heart-rate monitor or GPS here. The Ace can track steps, active minutes and sleep stats (if they wear it to bed), coverage back to the app therefore you and also the user will watch the steps and minutes increase.Between them, the Ace and also the app can track steps and active minutes with none intervention, however you or the user may tell the app once the person is doing one thing active and record their efforts.

The step-tracking is as correct as you’d expect from Fitbit; perhaps a touch generous here and there, however typically within the right ballpark. The sleep-tracking appears pretty smart, too, choosing out periods of deep sleep and restlessness – though (in the interests of transparency) this was the one space wherever our tester didn’t wish to play ball, taking the Ace off most nights before sinking down. Not being a complete monster, I didn’t insist.

Fitbit Ace – Apps and steerage

So far, so Fitbit, however it’s extremely the package aspect of things that produces this device special. It’s truly less a case of what’s been adscititious than of what’s been removed.As way because the Kid’s read goes, it’s potential to trace steps and active minutes, and regulate goals for each upwards and down, track associate exercise, or inspect sleep patterns. children may pop out the solo virtual-hiking challenges and cluster activities you’d notice within the regular Fitbit read.Kids are rewarded for striking objectives with specially created, child-friendly achievements, and that they will share those with you or alternative friends and relations you’ve adventitious to the Family Account.

What your children can’t do is take part any of the broader social stuff, or participate in any over-arching fitness programs. There aren’t any feeds, no teams to affix, and no mechanisms for adding new friends to the chums list; they’ll solely act with folks hooked up to your Family Account.

Note, too, that neither ar there any stats for calorie burn or body fat, so that they can’t get trapped obsessing regarding such things.

Fitbit may need erred on the aspect of caution here – your children would possibly wish to challenge Fitbit-owning friends or share achievements, however will solely do therefore if you add them to your Family Account, and you most likely won’t be therefore keen thereon. However, finally this may be the proper decision. Friendships are often volatile, and does one actually need your offspring obtaining concerned in a very steps-battle with their besties? The approach additionally keeps things easy at their finish.

There isn’t abundant complexness at your finish, either. From the oldsters read you’ll be able to get a fast update of your child’s progress, send them messages, applaud them after they hit a goal, or push them to urge a move.

You can additionally switch to the Kid’s read if you would like additional elaborated data or to line alarms – as well as alarms to prompt them that time of day is impending, or alarms to wake them up (not that they’ll thanks for either).

If the full family is kitted out with Fitbits – the Fitbit dream – then you’ll be able to track everyone’s step standings and think about family leaderboards through Fitbit’s weekly emails and also the web-based dashboard.

We solely have 2 in ours, however since our tester is presently queen of the leaderboard, it’s a reasonably smart rational motive. And, as parents, we are able to check she isn’t going step-crazy.

The only real grumble is that the challenges appear to be constant ones you’d notice within the adult app. Some additional fantastic or fun challenges aimed directly at the audience would are welcome.

Fitbit Ace – Battery life and charging

Adults struggle with a fitness band that needs frequent charging, and you’ll be able to double that for busy children. Luckily, the Ace lasts for around 5 days while not the necessity for a recharge.

When it will would like one, it recharges inside 2 to a few hours employing a attachable USB attachment, therefore your offspring ne’er have to be compelled to do while not their band for long.

Why get the Fitbit Ace?

There ar continually getting to be some queries over fitness bands for youths, significantly once there’s such a lot peer pressure therefore young regarding image and general sportiness. withal, the Ace hits a reasonably smart balance. The family focus keeps folks on top of things whereas encouraging some cheerful competition within the family instead of outside.

On a private level, i favor that mistreatment the Ace is encouraging my girl to urge additional active and choose her step goals while not pushing her too arduous, or creating her feel rhythm once she doesn’t hit the mark (the indisputable fact that she’s typically beating her daddy on the five-day steps challenges typically helps). It’s become a fun issue we’re in along instead of one thing I’m obtaining her to try to to.


The Ace appearance and looks like a grown-up Fitbit, with Fitbit having thought rigorously regarding kid safety and creating fitness fun, not a pressure. On its own it won’t drag the youngsters aloof from slime-making, YouTube and Fortnite, however with the proper support from you it’d simply facilitate.



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