Looking at the title of the review, we won’t facilitate however assume a fast clarification is so as. Namely, one clearing up that product we tend to area unit reviewing. we have seen alarming smartphone naming conventions in our time as reviewers, however as so much as sheer completeness and confusion of alternative go, Xiaomi Redmi Note five arguably takes the cake with the present Redmi generation. Not solely do they need identical product out there below totally different names in varied markets, however we regularly come upon sellers giving the devices with the ambiguous “Global” sobriquet that combine hardware meant for one market (typically China) with software package for an additional} market (normally more Western in terms of localization and preinstalled apps) .


What we’ve got nowadays for review is that the Xiaomi Redmi Note five AI twin Camera, or in different words, the highest-end modification within the current Redmi lineup.

Xiaomi Redmi Note five AI twin Camera specs

  • Body: Plastic + metallic element (Front glass, metallic element body); 158.6 x 75.4 x 8.1 mm; one81 g
  • Screen: 5.99-inch, 2160×1080 IPS digital display, 403 PPI
  • Rear Camera: 12MP (1.4µm), f/1.9, Samsung S5K2L7, twin constituent PDAF primary, 5MP (1.25µm), f/2.0, Samsung S5K5E8 depth sensor; 1080p video
  • Front Camera: 13MP (1.12µm), f/2.0, OV13855, LED flash; 1080p video
  • Chip set: 14nm Communal flower 636, Kryo 260 (4x Cortex-A73 @ one.8GHz + 4x Cortex-A53 @ one.6GHz), Adreno 509
  • Memory: 3/4/6GB LPDDR4X, 32/64GB eMMC five.0 + micro SD (up to 128GB)
  • OS: humanoid eight.0; MINI 9
  • Battery: 4000mAh; fast Charge two.0
  • Connectivity: Hybrid twin SIM (4G+3G), 4G Volt E, dual-band WI-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth five.0, GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou, WI-Fi Direct, FM Radio, IR blaster, microUSB, elector-acoustic transducer jack
  • Misc: Fingerprint sensing element, face unlock (coming later)

The phone sports an outsizes five.99-inch, 18:9 IPS panel, associate degree equally robust four,000 mAh battery and a right powerful flower 636 chip set. What principally sets it with the exception of the Xiaomi Redmi Note five professional and also the regular Redmi Note five (or Redmi five Plus) is that the camera setup. The later encompasses a single main snapper at its disposal, therefore the distinction is simple enough.

Both different devices feature a twin setup. because the “AI” sobriquet suggests, the one on the newer Redmi Note five AI twin Camera is imbued with some further smarts. a lot of significantly, however, it’s a brighter f/1.9 lens for the most 12MP camera. Also, larger 1.4µm constituents and twin pixel section detection optical device. There are some changes to the selfie setup also.

Interestingly enough, the Chinese Redmi Note five AI twin Camera variant conjointly options 4G standby on each its SIM cards – a feature the Indian version is lacking. that’s a touch confusing, to mention the smallest amount, considering the importance of Volt E within the rising Indian market.

These area unit delicate variations, however not insignificant ones. particularly for a web site like ours, that makes a specialty of providing as correct phone specifications as attainable. sadly, even for our trained eye, there’s no straightforward thanks to tell apart the Xiaomi Redmi Note five professional and also the Redmi Note five AI twin Camera simply by viewing them. Or a minimum of, we have not found one. The couple shares the same body, all the way down to the last millimeter and even weigh completely a similar. Their confusing existence will best be explained through market segmentation.

The Redmi Note five professional came initial associate decreed was tailored for an Indian unleash. Following it, the Redmi Note five AI twin Camera introduced the upgrades mentioned on top of to the company’s home market of China. each phones have a beginning value simply keep of $200, creating for a extremely sweet deal supported the price/performance quantitative relation.

Still, we tend to guess you would be at an advantage studying the updated version, if you have got the selection. One clue that might doubtless facilitate the identification method after you area unit searching on-line includes the 3GB/32GB configuration, that presently looks to solely be out there on the Redmi Note five AI twin Camera. there’s conjointly the MINI nine software package, that relies on humanoid eight.0 Oreo, rather than humanoid seven.1.2 Nougat. However, it’s conjointly price noting that massive Xiaomi vendors tend to supply their own ROM modifications and software package forks, creating the humanoid core version a less reliable symbol. Checking whether or not the model variety is M1803E7SG might even be useful.

So, thereupon cleared up and every one the preparations to spot the newer Redmi Note five AI twin Camera properly lined, be part of US on the subsequent pages, as we tend to dive deeper into Xiaomi’s wonderful worth supply, to ascertain simply however smart it’s.


If you’ve got seen one Redmi box, you’ve got principally seen all. a similar goes for the Redmi Note five AI twin Camera. The box comes within the customary white and red configuration. It lacks a plastic receptacle, or the other fancy cradles and separation or artifact materials on the within, however still feels durable enough to require a beating.

Besides the phone

and a few leaflets, you furthermore might get a basic 5V@2A wall charger within the box. Or a minimum of, that is what our review unit came with.

So, to require advantage of the supported fast Charge, you have got to provide your own adapter. We get it, cost-savings measures.

A basic micro USB two.0 cable completes the charging set. If it’s any consolation, we have seen worse within the past. A basic charger remains higher than no enclosed charger.

On the flip aspect, Xiaomi did have a say a soft, clear polymer cowl case. it is a nice very little bonus, that is sort of alright in quality and will permit you to begin victimization the device at once, worry-free.

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